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Thank you for your comments on plans for Drayton Water

We held a Community Drop-in Event at Oving Jubilee Hall, Oving Road on: Monday 11 December 2023, 15:00 - 19:30. Members of our project team were present to explain the proposals and answer your questions. Click here to view our Exhibition Boards.

We also held an Online Consultation Event on: Wednesday 13 December 2023, 18:00 - 19:00. Click here to view our Online Consultation Event.

Our Location

The image above shows the masterplan for the entire A8 site (Land East of Chichester), which is allocated within the emerging Chichester Local Plan.

  • At this stage, we are looking to submit an outline planning application for Drayton Water, the first phase development area (around 370 new homes) which you can view in our 'Indicative Masterplan' section

  • The draft Local Plan states that, when combined with the neighbouring SUEZ site, site A8 can deliver approximately 680 new homes

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We are moving our plans for Drayton Water, a sustainable urban extension east of Chichester, forward, and are looking to submit an outline planning application in late summer 2024.

Drayton Water is part of a site allocated in the emerging Chichester Local Plan (Site A8).


Our plans for Drayton Water deliver a green, connected and inclusive community that would initially provide 370 new homes, including affordable homes.


Our proposals also include land for a new two form entry primary school, a new local centre and a 72-bed care home, all whilst protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

This website tells you more about our vision for Drayton Water. 



  • Just 2 miles from central Chichester – a natural and proportionate extension to the city, just across the road from the Shopwhyke Lakes urban extension 

  • Well connected by existing bus routes to Chichester centre, Oving, Barnham Station, and Arundel, contributing to the long term viability of the public transport network​​

  • New paths, cycleways and an electric vehicle charging network will also link Drayton Water with surrounding developments, local villages and the city centre

  • Within a short drive of the South Downs National Park and the south coast

  • Currently consisting of low-grade farmland, restored landfill and former gravel pits, Drayton Water is one of few sites around Chichester where development offers the opportunity to preserve and enhance wildlife habitats

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 15.54.28.png

Map highlighting our site boundary, the Strategic Wildlife Corridor, and the A8 site allocation boundary​ in red

image002 (1).png

Map of the area in 1813, showing our site as Drayton Farm


Like the rest of the country, Chichester has significant housing need. 


Drayton Water is one of few sites available that are well located to the city and do not adversely impact Chichester Harbour, which has protected status. It is a restored site having previously been used for mineral extraction - just the sort of site that should be redeveloped.


It is a sustainable location, close to the city and adjacent to recent developments. Plus it has the space to accommodate much needed community and social facilities.

Our site is part of the solution.


  • A natural extension to Chichester: a part of the city, not apart from it

  • Creates a genuine neighbourhood and avoids urban sprawl or expansion in nearby villages

  • A design preserving and enhancing the natural environment

  • Sustainable architecture, incorporating climate-friendly measures

  • Strategic size, providing land for a new two form entry primary school and space for retail and community facilities

  • Space for a care home to fit community need

  • Extensive public open space, and a Strategic Wildlife Corridor

  • Attractive, modern design, suitable for homeworkers, young families​ and downsizers


Chichester District Council already recognises the many benefits of our site. That’s why it has been allocated as strategic site as part of the draft A8 allocation within the emerging Chichester District Local Plan. We are now moving towards submitting an outline planning application for the first phase of development.

Our Vision


Our site could deliver a number of positives for local people, including:

Hands Raised

Land for a new two form entry primary school and early years centre for residents and neighbours of the site

People in Park

A scheme that delivers extensive environmental benefits, including  improved wildlife habitats, significant landscaping and an enhanced lake

A variety of high-quality new homes, aimed at young families and those looking to downsize, as well as affordable homes

Moving In

A genuine neighbourhood, including a care home, community and retail spaces to meet local need

Modern Office

Our masterplan for the Drayton Water development area, within site A8, includes:

•    Around 370 new homes, including affordable homes
•    Land for a two-form entry primary school and early years centre
•    A care home, including care and extra care suites
•    8 hectares of public open space, plus a 15 hectare Strategic Wildlife Corridor
•    A new neighbourhood centre


Our indicative masterplan for the site is shown below.

J0058438_012_V1_CJ_MP_Obsidian_Chichester_Illustrative Plan_A2_2500_HQ (1).jpg
Indicative Layout
Anchor 1

Below is the recording of our Online Consultation Event, which took place on the 13th December 2023.

Online Consultation Event
Next steps


We are currently consulting on our plans ahead of an outline planning application submission in late summer 2024.


Our plans are still evolving, and we will publish an updated masterplan in early summer 2024. The main elements of our masterplan will not change fundamentally, and you can find out about the masterplan that we consulted on last December by:

  • ​clicking here to see the Exhibition Boards from our Drop-in Event on 11 December 2023.

  • sending us an email at, or call us on 0800 3196 184

  • writing to us at Freepost, GIVEYOURVIEW (that's the address, no stamp needed!)

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